July 16 2005

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July 16th, 2005 (July 16 2005)EventHarry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K.Rowling released, selling over 9 million copies in the 24 hours after release.J.K. Rowling Quotes
July 16th, 2005 (July 16 2005)DeathPietro Consagra, Italian sculptor (born in 1920)
July 16th, 2005 (July 16 2005)DeathPrince Gu of Korea (born in 1931)
July 16th, 2005 (July 16 2005)DeathCamillo Felgen, Luxembourgish singer, lyricist, and entertainer (born in 1920)
July 16th, 1995 (July 16 1995)DeathMay Sarton, Belgian-born American poet (born in 1912)
July 16th, 1995 (July 16 1995)DeathStephen Spender, English poet (born in 1909)
July 16th, 1985 (July 16 1985)DeathHeinrich Boll, German writer, Nobel laureate (born in 1917)
July 16th, 1985 (July 16 1985)DeathWayne King, American musician, songwriter and bandleader (born in 1901)
July 16th, 1975 (July 16 1975)BirthBas Leinders, Belgian racing car driver
July 16th, 1975 (July 16 1975)BirthAna Paula Arosio, Brazilian actress
July 16th, 1975 (July 16 1975)BirthJamie Oliver, Welsh keyboardistJamie Oliver Quotes
July 16th, 1965 (July 16 1965)EventThe Mont Blanc Tunnel linking France with Italy opens.
July 16th, 1965 (July 16 1965)BirthClaude Lemieux, Canadian ice hockey player
July 16th, 1965 (July 16 1965)BirthTina Tyler, Canadian porn star
July 16th, 1955 (July 16 1955)EventOriginal Disneyland park opens in Anaheim, California
July 16th, 1945 (July 16 1945)EventManhattan Project: The Atomic Age begins when the United States successfully detonates a plutonium-based test nuclear weapon at the Trinity site near Alamogordo, New Mexico.
July 16th, 1925 (July 16 1925)BirthCal Tjader, American musician (died in 1982)
July 16th, 1915 (July 16 1915)BirthBarnard Hughes, American actor (died in 2006)
July 16th, 1915 (July 16 1915)DeathEllen White, American co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (born in 1827)

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