July 16 2007

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July 16th, 2007 (July 16 2007)EventAn earthquake of magnitude 6.8 and aftershock of 6.6 occur off the Niigata coast, Japan, killing 8 people with at least 800 injured and damaging a nuclear power plant. See 2007 Chuetsu offshore earthquake.
July 16th, 1977 (July 16 1977)BirthBryan Budd, British soldier (VC recipient) (died in 2006)
July 16th, 1967 (July 16 1967)BirthWill Ferrell, American comedianWill Ferrell Quotes
July 16th, 1967 (July 16 1967)BirthChristopher Rocancourt, French con artist
July 16th, 1957 (July 16 1957)EventUnited States Marine Major John Glenn flies a F8U Crusader supersonic jet from California to New York in 3 hours, 23 minutes and 8 seconds setting a new transcontinental speed record.John Major Quotes
July 16th, 1957 (July 16 1957)BirthAlexandra Marinina, Russian writer
July 16th, 1947 (July 16 1947)BirthAlexis Herman, 23rd U.S. Secretary of Labor
July 16th, 1947 (July 16 1947)BirthAssata Shakur, American activist
July 16th, 1947 (July 16 1947)DeathRaoul Wallenberg, Swedish humanitarian (exact date of death uncertain) (born in 1912)
July 16th, 1937 (July 16 1937)BirthRichard Bryan, American politician
July 16th, 1917 (July 16 1917)DeathPhilipp Scharwenka, Polish-German composer (born in 1847)
July 16th, 1907 (July 16 1907)BirthFrances Horwich, American educator and television personality (died in 2001)
July 16th, 1907 (July 16 1907)BirthOrville Redenbacher, American farmer and businessman (died in 1995)
July 16th, 1907 (July 16 1907)BirthBarbara Stanwyck, American actress (died in 1990)
July 16th, 1747 (July 16 1747)DeathGiuseppe Maria Crespi, Italian painter (born in 1665)
July 16th, 1647 (July 16 1647)DeathMasaniello, Neapolitan rebel (born in 1622)
July 16th, 1557 (July 16 1557)DeathAnne of Cleves, fourth wife of Henry VIII of England (born in 1515) Henry VIII of England Quotes

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